Welcome to My Charitable Donations Site


This website was created to honor all charities around the world, whose continuous efforts in philanthropy and environmentalism create strong communities and defend nature’s thriving splendor.  With an assortment of charitable organizations in existence, they each play their own part in advancing the world by saving the environment, the homeless and hungry, or by contributing to scientific research and healthcare.    

My Charity of Choice


This charitable donations website highlights the first-rate charities to which I have chosen to contribute my time, attention and money.  These four specific charities are featured on this website because of their invaluable contributions to local communities and society as a whole.  Charities such as these are to thank for the increasing amount of humanitarian efforts from individuals as well as organizations and, additionally, for maintaining the beauty and grace of nature that we all hope to preserve for generations to come.  My favorite featured charities include the Save the Redwoods League, Westside Food Bank, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance. 

To summarize the mission of these four charities:

Save the Redwoods League strives to protect and restore the three regions of the California redwood forests.  Westside Food Bank supports the poor and hungry throughout many areas in Los Angeles while St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance focuses on communities in Arizona.   St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital offers medical treatment to children and families facing a life-threatening illness through scientific research.

Please visit the Charities page to learn more about each of the mentioned charities.